We have an easy 6 step process to get started

We work with hundreds of customers each year and our goal is to make the process of updating or adding new fireplace, heating system or enhancing your outdoor living area easy, enjoyable and an overall positive experience. Our customers DO matter to us, we want you to love us and recommend us to friends and family.

1. Initial Consultation

We will setup a time to come to your home to look at the space you want us to add, upgrade or enhance. This is how we understand what challenges we will be facing and to understand what YOU are looking for as a final result.
Consultations are FREE, Call (518) 843-WARM (9276) or Send us an email!

2: Planning & Material / Product Selection

We will walk you through all the different options for your project, from fireplace styles or outdoor furniture, we will talk with you to find the best products to make your project a success.

3: Price Estimate / Quote

Based on the previous 2 steps, we will have a solid understanding of what you are looking for and the products needed and the overall labor/work we will be performing. With that information we can provide you with an accurate estimate for the job.

4: Project Scheduling

We will plan your project around our schedule and your schedule! We will pick a time based on two factors.
  1. A time and timeframe that works for you and minimizes our intrusion into your home and family time.
  2. When look for a scheduling date that we can start and finish your project in one swoop. We DO NOT like to jump from job to job and back again extending a 3 day job into weeks. Our motto is, one job at a time, done right and on-time!

5: Project Installation

This is when the magic happens! We will start your project and finish it according to your guidelines, and of course if you want to do any upgrades or additional enhancements along the way we can discuss those options and pricing. At the end of installation, we break out the vacuum, dust pans and brooms, we clean up the job site! NO messes left for you to do, just time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

6: Finish & Follow-up

It's all all done, and you're the happiest homeowner on earth (we hope so!) Our installers will walk through the work we have done with you to make sure it's up to your satisfaction, after will keep in contact and follow-up to see how you are enjoying the work we did. Doesn't that sound pretty easy? Adirondack Hearth, Home & More is ready to start your project, all our work includes a 1yr. Workmanship Gaurantee and we even offer In-house Financing with flexible payment plans.

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