Gas fireplace insert in living room

Gas Inserts

Convenient, Clean and Comfortable. Behind gorgeous designer faces is the illusion of real burning wood. But the hidden beauty here is convenience: a cozy fire at the touch of a button. Easily transform your inefficient masonry fireplace into a convenient gas heater.

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wood fireplace insert in living room

Wood Inserts

Great for updating the look of your existing fireplace, inserts deliver superior efficiency. Easily modify an existing metal or masonry fireplace to improve its efficiency and/or update its appearance, if you still love burning wood, choose a wood insert.

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Pellet fireplace insert in living room

Pellet Inserts

No more stacking wood! If you love burning wood, you can get the benefit of wood plus a fuel that is very easy to store, is efficient and clean to burn and best of all creates very little mess!

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Electric fireplace insert in living room

Electric Inserts

Firelight never fails to set the perfect tone, and now you can add ambiance and even heat to otherwise impossible spaces all at your fingertips with no venting required; just plug and play!

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